Occupational & Industrial Hygiene Services

Industrial Hygiene is the ability to anticipate, recognize, evaluate and control environmental factors and/or stressors that may arise in or from the workplace. Potential hazards to human health can be found in nearly every type of work environment. These hazards may cause sickness, impaired health, or significant discomfort among workers or citizens of the community. The control of health hazards is a major element of consideration. The recognition and evaluation of these hazards are, of course, essential to the process. However, developing and implementing effective control measures to either eliminate or reduce exposure to these hazards is the primary objective of the entire industrial hygiene effort.

Hygiene Services

Program development and implementation—some of the common areas include:

Contaminant Monitoring – Some of the contaminants are as follows:

Noise Mapping and Dosimetry

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Hygiene Services for your facility?

Every employee is entitled to a safe and healthy place in which to work. The Cascade Environmental Consulting Ltd. can conduct investigations and sampling, provide documentation and expertise to ensure loss prevention, due diligence, compliance and allows for a proactive approach to problem resolution. Our fully qualified team ensures that sampling is conducted in accordance with standard methods and protocols outlined by:company’s premier responsibility. All companies can do a better job protecting workers from hazards in all worksites.

Additionally, we adhere to strict internal quality control protocols. Cascade only uses certified laboratories with a proven track record for sample analysis.

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