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Cascade Environmental Consulting Ltd. is an environmental consulting firm providing specialized occupational health, safety and hygiene consulting services to the public and private sectors within Alberta since 1993. Our expertise has been sought on projects involving the abatement of asbestos, mould, lead-based materials, and other contaminants from high profile public and private buildings throughout Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and the Northwest Territories. Cascade has enjoyed successful working relationships over its near 30-year existence with many small & large-scale clients on all levels of government, education (school boards), property management, engineering, and construction firms. We at Cascade also enjoy offering residential homeowners the same level of care and attentiveness when it comes to their home renovation or demolition project.

When our clients initiate a project, we ensure the project is carried out to a successful conclusion.

Corporate History

Cascade Environmental Consulting Ltd. was founded in Edmonton by our company Principal, Victor (Vic) Godbout in 1993. Originally operating as G-COM Consulting Ltd., Vic started the business as the sole operator and offered limited hazardous materials consulting services. With his aggressive approach to growth and expansion, the company soon graduated to a small office space in downtown Edmonton and welcomed the company’s first set of employees. Fast forward a few years, Vic expanded and re-branded the business in 2003 into Cascade Environmental Consulting Ltd., offering a wide range of Environmental and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) consulting services with a diverse group of employees bringing with them a variety of backgrounds, education, and experience. Cascade celebrated its 25-year anniversary in 2018 and is looking forward to another successful 25!

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