The Importance of Asbestos Testing in Edmonton


It is hard to imagine that just 40 years ago this naturally occurring mineral was hailed for its versatility, heat resistance, insulating properties and acid resistance. It had numerous commercial applications, most notably in building construction. From the 1950s to the late-1980s it was used to insulate buildings, piping and structures and to reinforce plastic, plaster and cement, among hundreds of other materials.

Today, asbestos is recognized as an extremely hazardous product that requires special expertise and equipment to be tested and handled properly. This is especially significant in two contexts. First there are risks pertaining to indoor air quality (IAQ). With asbestos being a component in so many construction materials, it can have long-term effects on those living or working in buildings in which asbestos has not been removed. The second context is renovation or demolition. When friable asbestos-containing materials are disturbed they can become airborne. They are extremely carcinogenic in this form and can have serious health repercussions on those not properly equipped to handle it.

IAQ and asbestos testing is a must if you have any doubts about whether asbestos-containing products are found in a building you own, work or live in. It is also important to consider testing for buildings that you are planning on demolishing or renovating. These spaces should be tested by professionals as soon as possible.

Here’s why:

• Only a reputable environmental consulting firm like Cascade Environmental Consulting Ltd. can perform comprehensive
asbestos testing in Edmonton. In our 20+ years of experience of conducting asbestos assessments in Edmonton, we’ve seen it all
and we bring that experience to every job. Make no mistake—sampling, diagnosis and the subsequent call to action require
extensive know-how. Only with proper sampling methods and practices is it possible to accurately assess a situation and
recommend the appropriate abatement strategy.
• The sooner you test, the better. Testing saves money in the long run by increasing property value and reducing the likelihood of
health issues and potential lawsuits related to worker and resident safety. Environmental assessments are increasingly called for
prior to property transactions, as well. At Cascade we are completely insured and accredited, standing behind the quality of our
work. And the labs we employ to test our samples are independent, third-party entities whose results are defensible in court.
• Your employees and residents are entitled to a safe and healthy working and living environment. Experience shows that proper
management of worker safety and health lowers the incident of injury and sickness, boosts employee morale, and leads to higher
productivity and work quality.
Trust your asbestos testing in Edmonton and asbestos removal in Edmonton to Cascade Environmental Consulting. We’ve been
helping business and residents coordinate and plan out asbestos removal in Edmonton for over 20 years. Call us today.

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